Voreville's 3D Worm Creature


Here it is. After so many years in hibernation, this bad boy is ready to be fed again! We would like to finally release this to the public at a really low price so more artists can keep making more worm vore out there! The vore community needs more 3D worm vore animations! It is hungry and ready to be used! Please show us your works after you have completed them. We'd love to see what you can do with it! ^_^

All rendered final images were done in 3D Studio. We do not have tips for using Daz Studio unfortunately so this is not rigged. You will need to rig it in whatever application you use.

Contents include:

- OBJ file of the worm with mouth opened (ready for rigging)

- OBJ file of posed worm

- 4096 x 4096 resolution texture maps (diffuse, specular, SSS, displacement and normal maps)

79MB Download

You can see some examples of how this model has been used out there!


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